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In 1905, concerned concrete enthusiasts set out with a mission to develop a means for making concrete a safe usable, durable material. The result of their determination was the formation of the American Concrete Institute. Chartered as a technical society, the not-for-profit ACI emerged with a goal of guiding and assisting its members and the general public by disseminating information on concrete.


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ACI May 8, 2015 Award Photos are here! Click here to see pictures.

Join us june 14, 2016 for a tour at superior ready mix

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join us july 12, 2016 at stone brewery for a free social event. company sponsorships are welcomed!

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May 10, 2016 ACI Luncheon

Thank you to Tom Tietz and Nathan Forrest for a great seminar on May 10, 2016 on “Concrete and Sustainability – Putting the Pieces Together"

The University of California San Diego received a grant on May 10, 2016 from PCA Education Foundation for $35,000 to help fund their research below.  


PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND RESEARCH PLAN We propose to create low-cost, highly-active bimetallic, nanocrystalline catalysts for CO2 reduction. Because CO2 is an extremely stable molecule, additional potential beyond that thermodynamically required is needed to drive electroreduction at an appreciable rate, even when using current state-of-the-art Cu catalysts. The metal catalyst provides reaction sites for the reduction to occur and has a critical impact on the reaction pathway, determining which hydrocarbons are produced. Earth-abundant Cu is known to have an intermediate binding strength for CO relative to other metal catalyst candidates including precious metals, allowing for uniquely reduced energy barriers on Cu surfaces. 


Picture: Tom Tietz is the Executive Director of the California Nevada Cement Association  presenting the check to Dr. David Fenning with UCSD.

aci san diego new board nominations for 2016-2017



The Euclid Chemical Company                              

Email: qmcguire@euclidchemical.com


Vice President


Associated Ready Mix            

Email: svenolia@assocrmc.com


Secretary / Treasurer


Hanson Aggregates              



Past President


Oldcastle Precast Group          

Email: bob.vildibill@oldcastle.com



BRIAN ADAMS (2014-2017)


Email: brian.adams@basf.com


JEFF BAKER (2015-2018)

Largo Concrete                      

Email: jbaker@largoconcrete.com


YIWEN BU (2015-2018)


Email: ybu@twininginc.com


JEFF CANON (2014-2017)

Christian Wheeler Engineering            

Email: jcanon@christianwheeler.com


JACOB GOTTLIEB (2014-2017)


Email: jgottlieb@hope-amundson.com


JAMES SIMPSON (2016-2019)

Pacific Southwest Structures   

Email: jsimpson@pswsi.com 


SHANE STRICK (2016-2019)

Oldcastle Precast Group          

Email: shane.strick@oldcastle.com


CASEY TENG (2015-2018)

Morley Const. Co.                

Email: cteng@morleybuilders.com



Swinerton Builders                

Email: jweaver@swinerton.com 


ANDREW WEBER (2015-2018)

T.B. Penick & Sons                

Email: AndrewW@tbpenick.com


Chapter Historian:

DAVID AKERS (2016-2017)

Concrete Consultants                             



Executive Director/Newsletter/Website

Heather Caya

P.O. Box 713110                                     619.579.1940

Santee, CA 92072                    Fax          619.258.5839

Email: concreteaci@cox.net     

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